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Bringing together highly qualified and dedicated personnel to deliver fast and superior quality services.

At Mapinfotek Geomatiks Limited we offer a variety of services. We provide expertise in Land survey, Engineering, Survey, Geotechnical Investigations & Material Testing, Global Positioning System(GPS), Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Natural Resource Mapping and Modeling, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and More.

Land & Engineering Survey

Adequate surveying service to both residential properties and commercial centers.

Geographical Information Systems

We provide geographic information system service known as GIS.

Remote Sensing

We do Mapping of vector data from remotely sensed imagery.

Natural Resource Mapping

Evaluation method of land adaptability based on soil spatial analysis.


Land Surveying.

  • Adequate surveying service to both residential properties and commercial centers
  • We carry out surveying deals with proper measurements of properties including boundary demarcation and beacon reestablishment.
  • We carry out topographical surveying which deals with the measurement of infrastructure such as roads, sewer lines, pipelines, and or greenhouses.
  • We also do Leveling to determine proper heights of these features for purposes of buildings or infrastructure development.


Engineering Surveying.

  • Engineering surveying are topographical surveys for Hydro power, Solar power, Railways, and plant feasibility mapping.
  • We also do As-built surveys of adjacent structures or physical elements such as roads or bodies of water
  • Compliance with municipal code and regulations
  • Preliminary design and construction guidelines


Geotechnical Investigations.

  • Geophysical and Hydrological Surveys
  • Quality Assurance/Control of Construction Processes and Materials
  • Concrete and other Cementitious Materials Mix Design
  • Design of (Preventive) Maintenance Processes for Concrete Structures
  • Structural Integrity Audits


GIS & Remote Sensing.

  • We provide geographic information system service known as GIS.
  • We do Mapping of vector data from remotely sensed imagery.
  • We carry out Geographic Information System a field under information systems. Databases are connected to a map (Location), and information can be queried and retrieved for decision making and support.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • We provide detailed measurement of property boundaries using a highly accurate gadget that uses Satellites to compute the position of the earth’s point for both commercial and residential areas.
  • We measure each point on the surface of the earth which is unique at its own.
  • We make use of Accurate devices such as Doppler GPS and the Real Time Kinematics in this field.
  • Under Geodetic, we do the following Surveys:

Survey Types


• We form a network of well-defined triangles on the plot of land to be surveyed.
• One of the lines is considered as the baseline, all other lines and angles are then measured accordingly.

Reciprocal Levelling

• We use this in leveling across streams, gullies, and other obstructions to eliminate instrumental errors
• We take Level readings from two setups at two different points
• We determine the difference in levels between two sites with obstructions through this survey

Tachometry or Stadia Surveying

• We use a telescopic sight instrument to measure distances
• We incorporate a theodolite controlled by an operator and a level staff held by another surveyor at a distance.
• Both vertical and horizontal distances are computed through stadia (the two horizontal markings on a theodolite) readings

Astronomical Surveying

• The meridian, azimuth, latitude, longitude, etc. of the plot to be surveyed is determined with the help of celestial bodies.

Photographic surveying

• We prepare Maps from photographs taken from suitable camera stations; the stations can be even airplanes.
• The output is a map, a drawing or a 3D model of some real-world scene or object.


  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.
  • Climate Change and Disaster Management.
  • Social & Economic Assessment. Baseline Surveys.


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