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Land and Engineering Surveying

We are capable of providing adequate surveying service to both residential properties and commercial centers depending on the interest of our client once an agreement has been made with our company. We carry out surveying deals with proper measurements of properties including boundary demarcation and beacon reestablishment. We also carry out tropical surveying which deals with the measurement of infrastructure such as roads, sewer lines, pipelines, and or greenhouses. Leveling is also done to determine proper heights of these features for purposes of buildings or infrastructure development.  Our other specialized areas of interest in Engineering surveying are topographical surveys for Hydro power, Solar power, Railways, and plant feasibility mapping. We also do As-built surveys.

Global Positioning System (Geodetic)

We provide a detailed measurement of property boundaries using a highly accurate gadget that uses Satellites to compute the position of the earth’s point for both commercial and residential areas. We measure each point on the surface of the earth which is unique at its own. We often make use of Accurate devices such as Doppler GPS and the Real Time Kinematics in this field.

Geographic Information System - GIS

Nowadays with the advent of technology, many things are arising due to available technology. We provide geographic information system service known as GIS due to its connection on earth. Geographic Information System a field under information systems. Databases are connected to a map (Location), and information can be queried and retrieved for decision making and support.

Natural Resource Mapping and Modeling

We are professionals in providing adequate mapping and modeling services which include land degradation, soil analysis, grazing resource determination, and rangelands by making use of modern technologies and equipment to carry out this task.

Land Degradation

This is the process in which the value of the biophysical environment is affected by a combination of human-induced processes acting upon the land. It is viewed as any change or disturbance to the land perceived to be deleterious or undesirable

Soil analysis

It puts forward an evaluation method of land adaptability based on soil spatial analysis, and offers some research clews to optimize agricultural land use constitution.

Ecological Modeling

We develop abstract that represent real world phenomena and predict future ecological changes with respect to variables in question. These helps in defining problems realistically and concepts more clearly hence communicate results for decision making. Good for Wildlife Management, Agricultural and Livestock organizations, Ecologists and Conservationists.

Urban and Rural Planning

We also render Physical planning services with detailed segregation of land into many usable and harmonious land cover. It brings harmony for futuristic developments that may not arise in crisis when development arises in the future. This service is crucial for crop farming, infrastructure and property management that is near a town setup or industrial area. We make use of GIS to carry out this task effectively.  Other services include: Land Title Searches, Change of User, Planning briefs for registering of titles, seeking approvals form relevant planning authorities and amalgamation of cadastral properties.

Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA

According to the National Environment Management Authority in Kenya, it is a prerequisite to doing an EIA essentially for properties that need to be developed. We will adequately provide these services to our clientele aiming to develop their properties either for residential or commercial purposes.

Aerial Photogrammetry, Lidar Mapping and Remote Sensing

We at mapinfotek provide products such as DEMs, DSMs, Lidar point clouds, aerial ortho photo imageries, satellite scene imageries for GIS and Mapping services. We utilize photogrammetry and remote sensing techniques to achieve these. Specialized services include Hyperspectral image acquisition and processing.

Cadastral Surveying

is the sub-field of cadastre and surveying that specialises in the establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries. It is an important component of the legal creation of properties. A cadastral surveyor must apply both the spatial-measurement principles of general surveying and legal principles such as respect of neighboring titles. We provide this service at Mapinfotek. Product is the individual titles to ascertain legal location and ownership of the properties.

Partnership With Other Experts

They include: Civil Engineers, Architects, Sociologists, Land Valuers, Statistians, Geologists and Computer Scientists.

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